It's no secret all the SUCCESSFUL  restaurants worldwide rely on these essential guidelines QUALITY...CONSISTENCY...CLEANLINESS...everyone knows them few follow them....the reason why is cutting corners to make a quick buck or JD.

We believe in one thing, if you want to do something either do it right or shut down.

It is our 10th  year and we have proven to our clientele and the Jordanian market that we are here to stay. The number of our regular clients is greater each month from the one before it.

Our comment cards which we collect from our dine in customers show full satisfaction, and all remarks and suggestions to appreciate and contributing to our success

Our strong hold on the market comes through our confidence in our quality of our product, service and the cleanliness of our restaurants. That’s why we invite our customers  to come and walk through our kitchens facilities and see for themselves.

Proud of the presence of food safety & hygiene department in our restaurant in all branches and the main points in his work in :

Food safety & Hygiene department:

  1. Daily checks on hygiene for production line and all branches’ kitchens
  2. All surfaces from tables, walls, floor and even doors as well as all vegetables & fruits are being sanitized with food grade cleaning materials.
  3. Temperature monitoring is done for all chillers and freezers. Also, receiving, cooking, hot and cold holding temperatures are monitored on a daily basis
  4.  Personal Hygiene is what we care about the most. Therefore, Monthly internal trainings for food safety and hygiene are done for all employees to ensure that they follow the right procedures and produce safe food.
  5. All kitchen uniforms are made in a way that prevents any physical hazard in the food:
    • All buttons are replaced with clips
    • Absence of external pockets so no personal belongings can be held while working
    • Hats for all employees which limit hair falling into the food.
  6. Lockers for mobiles and personal belongings are provided for all employees
  7. Safety procedures that include wearing hairnets and gowns for all visitors who desire to enter the kitchen at any time.
  8. Eating and drinking inside kitchens are prohibited.
  9. Since we follow international food safety guidelines
    • We follow different colors in separation between different kinds of foods.
      For example: yellow color is used for the raw chicken section & utensils which is separated from the red section & utensils (dedicated for meat section).
    • All chillers, freezer and work surfaces are designed in a way that would separate food products to prevent cross contamination.
  10. Hygienic behaviors for all employees are being monitored 24/7 by CCTV systems